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Mbuyu Adventures

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Let your imagination
guide you.

About us

Mbuyu Adventures – Let your imagination guide you.

Southern Africa has many great views on offer, but everybody has their own individual budget and ideas of travelling. A tailor-made safari is there to give you the freedom to design with the help of a professional your own trip. Advantages of being able to design your trip, from 5-star luxury accommodation to camping in the wild, will be that is in general still cheaper. There are no hidden costs and you have the freedom to travel at the speed of your choice, while spending more time at the highlights of your choice. This stands in contrast to organised trips where you are much less flexible and be guided to more general spots.
Why not design your dream holiday, by using one of the itineraries on offer to help you with the different choices to awaken your travel bug. We are here to assist you and make your dreams come true.

Meet the founder:
Pieter Borcherds

“The eye never forgets what the heart has seen”

mbuyuadventures Pieter

Thus speaks an African poet, and this is in some sense my life-story. I was born and raised in Southern Africa into a family that enjoyed the outdoor life. Bit by bit I began to travel around Southern Africa to explore my and many other countries.

At age 16 I started my first job in tourism at a holiday resort during my school holidays. This continued during and after my studies, as I found the dream job for a young person at one of South Africa’s largest overland companies. The following 6 years I was fortunate to be able to do over 100 tours through Southern and East Africa.

After being on the road for a long time, I got promoted to manager at one of the company’s lodges.

After meeting my wife in 2007 who is from Switzerland we ended up moving to Switzerland in 2012, where I started sharing my passion for Africa with others. From Switzerland I was able to give more personal advice to travellers from Europe. At first it was with friends and family. Now I want to share the great African outdoor experience with anybody who has a passion for adventure.

Today I love sharing my knowledge and helping others to explore Southern Africa. I am driven by the wish to create new adventures for other people so they too can experience the beauty, fun, and wonders of Southern Africa.

Are you ready? Let us create some good memories together.