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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common topics that concern your travel to Southern Africa


Northern part of Namibia, North Botswana, Zimbabwe and North South Africa are Malaria areas and prophylaxis is recommended. The risk is higher during the raining season. The best way to stay safe during the adventure is to use bug spray between sunset and sunrise and to wear long sleeve shirts and trousers when outside from dusk till dawn.



On some of the trips you will be crossing country borders. The borders are in general not a big problem as the countries welcome tourists and they are trying to make things easier for a tourist to cross.


National Parks:

You are able to do self drives in all the National Parks within Southern Africa. The campsites are fenced off with facilities. In Botswana the campsites are unfenced and the facilities are more basic. As the hot water for the showers are solar the best time for a warm shower will be in the afternoon.



The rental agency will give you all the contact details in case the unforeseen is happening and you have a breakdown, or equipment failure.

Vehicles depend on the package you are choosing:

COMFORT:  In Namibia and Botswana you get an 4×4 double cap pick up and in South Africa a SUV.

COMFORT AND CAMPING:  You will receive a fully equipped double or single cap 4×4 pick up for camping.

CAMPING: Same type vehicle as for comfort and camping.


In general, are the supermarkets well stocked everywhere you stop. In Botswana will you need to do a meal plan for a couple of days when you are going into the National Parks as there are no shops at the campsites and the villages between the park does not always have stock. In Zimbabwe are things also not guaranteed, planning is advised for the necessary food.



Most countries receive entry visas at the border and does not need to apply for visas before hand. Zimbabwean Visa are obtainable at the border for a fee. The other countries are the entry visa for free. All visas except Zimbabwe are valid for a maximum of 90 days per year. Zimbabwe is valid for 30 days.